Mercenaries are soldiers for hire, wielding bow and blade for profit. Mercenaries are either independent operators or members of an organization (company). Mercenary companies tend to be better trained and equipped, and cost more as a result. Mercenaries can also be raised without their own equipment; in this case they must be equipped, and they tend to be of very poor quality.

Independant mercenaries

Raised militia None 6 sp
Light skirmisher Padded armour, buckler, sling, halfspear 2 cp 12 sp
Medium skirmisher Leather armour, large wooden shield, javelins (5), short sword 2 cp 12sp
Mounted skirmisher Studded leather, composite shortbow, light mace, light warhorse 4 cp 24 sp
Crossbowman Leather, light crossbow, handaxe 2 cp 12 sp
Light footman Studded leather, longspear, shortsword 2 cp 18 sp
Medium footman Scale mail, small steel shield, longsword, dagger 4 cp 36 sp
Heavy footman Splint mail, large steel shield, heavy mace, shortsword 10 cp 60 sp
Light cavalry Studded leather, small wooden shield, shortspear, light flail, light warhorse 4 cp 36 sp
Heavy cavalry Chainmail, small steel shield, longsword, dagger, heavy warhorse 16 cp 96 sp


Mercenaries operating in larger groups require officers to maintain discipline.

Seargent 1 sp 3 gp
Lieutenant 3 sp 9 gp
Captain 5 sp 15 gp

1: These values are modified by the following conditions. If more than one applies, then apply all of them:

Condition Price modifier
Hero is gentry in the region x0.75
Hero is a legitimate authority for the region x1
Hero is well thought of in the region x0.8
Hero is unknown in the region x2
Hero is thought poorly of in the region x3
The region is at war x2
The region is facing the threat of armed conflict x1.5
the region is at peace with no known threats x0.9

Mercenary Companies

Various mercenary companies are present in the Realms. The following are available in or near Cormyr:

Company Base of Operations Rate
The Anaconda Elmwood (Moonsea) 120 sp/week
The Red Ravens Arabel 200 sp/week
Silent Rain Evereska 100 sp/week
The Teeth The Stonelands 2 sp/warrior/week

The Anaconda: The Anaconda excel as irregular troops and advance scouts, harassing and withdrawing or setting ambushes. Their ambushes frequently take place by night and involve poisoned blowgun darts.
The Red Ravens: The Red Ravens were formed by several people who fought in the Horde Wars. After the wars, a few of those who would eventually lead the group pooled their funds to get a royal charter in Cormyr, then asked several friends to join.As one of the few groups in Cormyr with a “license to pillage,” the Red Ravens are very careful to not do anything to lose their charter. They never cheat clients.
Silent Rain:Little is known of this mysterious group of elven archers, for few have survived their “deadly rain” of arrows. Of those few, none have seen even one of the infamous mercenaries. The company is recognized by their arrows, which use red-striped black fletching and uniquely shaped heads. Silent Rain will agree only to jobs that either promote elven causes or involve destroying humanoids.Prospective employers must leave written word (in elvish) near Evereska, and the Silent Rain will send a representative if interested.
The Teeth:These ogres are led by one of the cruelest mercenary captains known, Jadron
the Fang. Jadron is utterly ruthless and is as much feared and respected by his own warriors as by his enemies.The Teeth are loosely organized into units of 19 warriors and a sergeant who reports directly to Jadron. These units can be employed separately or combined to form a larger force. The Teeth favor quick, decisive combat and favor striking from several directions at once to confuse and frighten their foes.

The material presented here is drawn from the Arms and Equipment Guide published by Wizards of the Coast, and Gold and Glory published by TSR. No ownership of content is intended or implied.


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