The following additional modifiers apply to your Leadership score:

The Leader … Modifier
Is considered Nobility or Gentry +1
Has an Issue of Arms recognized by the Heralds +2

The following feats are extensions of various aspects of the Leadership feat:

Assemble the Horde [Leadership]

You are beloved by the people, and the common folk seek out your leadership
Prerequisites: Leadership, leadership score 4 higher than your level.
Benefit: You gain a permanent +1 bonus to your Leadership score. You gain a number of additional 1st-level followers equal to the number of higher-level followers allowed. These additional 1st-level followers do not replace your higher-level followers. For example, a paladin with a Leadership core of 18 normally can attract thirty-five 1st-level followers, three 2nd-level followers, and one follower each of 3rd and 4th levels. With this feat, she can have up to forty 1st-level followers (thirty-five, plus the number of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-level followers), three 2nd level followers, and one each of 3rd and 4th levels.

Class Champion [Leadership]

Superior renown brings two elite members of your class to serve you.
Prerequisites: Leadership, Leadership score 4 higher than your level.
Benefit: You gain a permanent +1 bonus to your Leadership score. Choose a core class you possess at least 5 levels in; you gain two additional followers of the highest level available for your Leadership score. These extra followers must be of the same class as you selected. If you lose these followers you may replace them as normal.
Special: You may select this feat more than once. Each time you select it, you must choose a different class, and your Leadership score must be an additional [2x the number of times you have selected this feat] higher than your class level. That means that if you have already selected this feat once, your Leadership score must be 6 higher than your level, and if you select this feat for a third time, it must be 8 higher.

Close Cohort [Leadership]

Your cohort is almost your equal.
Prerequisite: Leadership or Minion, Leadership score 2 higher than your level.
Benefit: Your cohort may be one level lower than you. If you have a minion, they may be two levels lower than you.
Normal: Regardless of your Leadership score, you can only recruit a cohort who is two levels or more below you. Your cohort cannot gain levels to bring him within one level of you, and a minion cannot gains levels to bring him within two levels of you.

Eye for Talent [Leadership]

You can accurately judge the personalities of others, allowing you to recruit followers quickly.
Prerequisites: Sense Motive bonus +9 or higher, Leadership, Leadership score 2 higher than your level.
Benefit: You gain a permanent +1 bonus to your Leadership score. It only takes you 1d4 weeks to replace or attain new followers.

Fanatical Devotion [Leadership]

Your followers willingly die for you
Prerequisites:Leadership, leadership score 5 higher than your level
Benefit: You gain a permanent +1 bonus to your Leadership score. You ignore the penalty for causing a follower’s death when determining your Leadership score.

Landlord [Special]

By knowing the right nobles, making contacts with masons and artisans, or performing great deeds for a liege-lord, you have resources that help you build and expand your stronghold.
Prerequisites: The character must be at least 9th level.
Benefits: This feat gives you a small allowance that you can use to build or expand a stronghold. It’s not cash, so it only applies to stronghold purchases. (You can’t cash it out and spend it on something else.) In addition, the feat provides matching funds for expenditures made from your own purse of gold. For example, if you spend 50,000 sp of your own (beyond the allowance) to purchase stronghold components, walls, or wondrous architecture, the feat provides a bonus allowance of the same amount.
The exact nature of the resources depends on your campaign; you and your DM should decide on this beforehand. If you have performed missions successfully for a noble, rich merchant, or other power group, perhaps they have willed the land to you. If you’re a cleric, maybe the church sends supplicants to provide free labor. Regardless of your class or social standing, you might inherit a keep from a long-lost relative.
See the table below for how much you can spend. When you first select the Landlord feat, you receive the amount listed under Stronghold Allowance. At each successive level, you get an additional allowance equal to the amount listed under Additional
Funds Gained (which is equal to the difference between the Stronghold Allowance of your new level and the previous level). For example, if you take the Landlord feat at 9th level, you get 25,000 sp to spend on a stronghold. When you attain 10th level, you receive an additional 25,000 sp (50,000 – 25,000) to spend on your stronghold. Characters can save their allowance from level to level if they wish.
Note: Multiple characters can purchase this feat and pool their resources to construct a stronghold together. However, the feat only provides matching funds for
your own contributions (that is, if one character from a group of four contributes 10,000 sp to the construction of the group’s stronghold, the feat provides matchin
funds for that character (10,000 sp), not for all four characters (40,000 sp), even if all four have the feat). If all four characters have the feat and each contributes
funds to the cause, they each receive matching funds equal to their contribution.

Landlord Funds
Level Stronghold Allowance Additional Funds Gained
9 25,000 sp n/a
10 50,000 sp 25,000 sp
11 75,000 sp 25,000 sp
12 100,000 sp 25,000 sp
13 150,000 sp 50,000 sp
14 200,000 sp 50,000 sp
15 250,000 sp 50,000 sp
16 300,000 sp 50,000 sp
17 400,000 sp 100,000 sp
18 500,000 sp 100,000 sp
19 600,000 sp 100,000 sp
20 800,000 sp 200,000 sp

Natural Leader [Leadership]

You have a way with people that lets you excel as a leader
Prerequisites: Leadership or Minion
Benefit: You gain a permanent +2 to your Leadership score. In addition, your Charisma is counted as being 4 higher for the sake of determining your Leadership score.

Noble Born [General]

You are a scion of a noble house. You were raised to rule and learned the art of diplomacy as soon as you could talk.
Prerequisites: None.
Benefits: Diplomacy and Knowledge (nobility and royalty) are always considered class skills for you. In addiiton, if you gain the Leadership feat you receive a +2 to your Leadership score.
Special: This feat can only be taken at first level. It indicates a tie to a noble family, which might or might not still exist.

Rulership [Leadership]

You are the ruler of an economic, frontier, governmental, military, religious, transport, or other community.
Prerequisites: Leadership, effective Leadership score of 10 or more.
Benefits: You gain a +4 bonus to your Leadership score. You gain a +100 bonus to your base Influence modifier. As a ruler, you have some degree of authority over members of organizations in which you have followers. Once per day you can exchange a follower you gained form your Leadership feat for a different follower form the same organization. The DM determines the actual pool of followers available to you.

The Rulership feat was drawn from Power of Faerun, and the Landlord feat was drawn from Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook, both published by Wizards of the Coast. The Noble Born feat was drawn from the Noble Born article in Dragon 333. The other leadership feats were drawn from the article Supporting Cast from Dragon issue 346. No ownership of this material is intended or implied.


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