Feats are intended to be class-neutral, extraordinary abilities that players use to customize their characters. In general, they should enhance extant abilities, not provide new ones. An exhaustive list would require too much work to produce, but the following will provide a guideline.

Everyman Feats

The following feats are now options that any player can activate. it makes no sense to limit them to someone who has “trained” in them.

1 See Pulp Combat for details

2 A lunge can be performed only one per round, and is considered a special attack that provokes an attack of opportunity. The lunging character may make one attack against their target at their maximum attack bonus with a -2 penalty.

Stunt feats

The following feats are available to anyone, provided the player describes what the character does to activate it.

Combat style feats

The following feats represent a distinct fighting style. At character creation, the player chooses whether their character uses a Nimble fighting style. If they choose to, then the following feats are gained automatically:

New Feats

The following new feats are intended to replace some of the above feats.


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