Character Creation Summary

It’s been through a lot of changes, but here’s the summary of character creation. You know, in case on of the PCs dies and we need a new one.

Step 1: Choose a race and class

Step 2: Assign attributes

  • We’re using the standard point-buy system form D&D 3.5 (DMG 169), with 28 points.

Step 3: Choose a background

  • Every player is allowed one background for their character.

Step 4: Select class features, feats and skills

  • Select the appropriate number of feats and skills for your character. Remember, you aren’t just a first level character.

Step 5: Gear up!

  • Get some gear. What does your fighter use to bash in skulls? What esoteric tools does your mage possess?

Step 6: Flesh out your character.

  • Tell us about him or her. Where are they from? How did they decide to become an adventurer? What adventures have they already had? What’s their motivation for joining the party? Justify that background and some of those skills and feats.
  • Choose appropriate languages or your character.

Character Creation Summary

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