Barons of the Stonelands

Humble Beginnings

Agnus Bristlethwort

The Smoke of the North
Gruff, critical of dwarves, and stone cold, Agnus hails from a small mining town in the North. He was cuckolded, and his partner and her lover were discovered murdered in each other’s arms. When it was apparent that everyone suspected him, Agnus took some of the Gnomish smokepowder used in the mine and collapsed the mouth to the shaft. He then left, never looking back.
Agnus spent months serving as a mercenary with the Zhentarim. He earned the rank of Sargent, and was put in charge of dwarvish slaves toiling in a mine somewhere in the Nether Mountains. Eventually he killed his superior, and set off west to seek other fortunes.


Blessed Servant of Sharindlar
I happened upon this foolish human literally trying to bleed a stone. He claimed he remembered hearing the phrase once in his childhood and, starving in the Plains of The Standing Stones, thought he might eat one of them. Using brute force (seemingly his only problem-solving tool) to smash this rock and that, he told me he hoped that he would be able to drink the blood of the stone to survive. I, being a fundamentally good Dwarf with a penchant for healing, took it up myself to take this being under my ward. After all, the simple summoning of food and water is nothing compared to the powers of the gods which flow through me.

Liathach Ré

The Roguish Scholar
I am a Moon Elf from the Star Mountains named Liathach Ré. I left my home and family when I was no longer a child and wandered Faerun. I learnt in my journeys many things. When I heard the Kingdom of Cormyran is offerring land titles to those able to defend it from invaders I immediately left Silverymoon where I had been consulting Draconic texts on various interests. Through stealth I travelled through the Silver Marches and into Anauroch. I met the dwarf and human travelling together through the Plain of Standing Stones. Upon discovering we had the same goal in our sights we proposed an alliance toward our common ends.


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